This E-portfolio will serve as an archive where I talk about my new found skills, knowledge, and achievements as I venture into the world of marketing.

“I believe that we learn valuable things from different experiences”

– M.Y.

More Previous Works

“Some of M.Y. Key takeaways from lectures and tutorials.”

– M.Y.

More Classroom Takeaways

“Curating and Creating PR objects to better understand what makes a successful PR campaign “

– M.Y.

More P.R. Objects

“Developing M.Y. T-shaped skills that will benefit me in the future “

– M.Y.

More T-Shaped Skills

“For many years, Marketing has evolved to keep up with the advancement of technology “

– M.Y.

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About Me

I’m Marc Yuan! A freshly graduate Marketing Student who always strives to improve myself. Follow me as I talk about my new experiences in this blog.

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