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Stories by Jollibee a Valentine’s Series 2017

#KwentongJollibee (#StoriesByJollibee) is a campaign that became popular not only in The Philippines but in the whole world. This video series focuses on different types of people who express different kinds of love to show the spirit of Valentine’s Day with Jollibee’s message “Celebrate the Joy of Love.”

The video above is under Paid Media in the PESO model and considered as a Digital Video Advertisement. This video advertisement was released in February 2017 to commemorate Valentine’s day and was posted all around different social media platforms. Currently, the video has 2,353,108 views on YouTube alone and has more than 20 thousand likes. It has also created many YouTube reactions by different influencers in the platform. The video below would be one of the many reactions to this video.

The video revolves around the two strangers who met in line when ordering at a Jollibee fast-food chain. They then develop a friendly relationship that lasted for a very long time. But what is the reason for this video? The reason is that Jollibee wants to create a secure and deep connection with their loyal fans. Jollibee intends to emphasize the fact that they have been a part for many people for many years and they created long life stories with their customers. With the #KwentongJollibee (#StoriesByJollibee) they want their customers to start sharing their unforgettable Jollibee experience and post it online.

Overall, I would say that the campaign was a success due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback it got from the viewers, knowing that Filipinos likes a good story telling. More people in other countries found out about Jollibee through this viral video series, which expanded Jollibee’s target market overseas. Furthermore, the video above had a continuation within the same year titled “Perfect Pair,” which promotes a Jollibee set meal.


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