Second PR Object

Jollibee Pinellas Park located at 4057 Park Boulevard North, Pinellas Park, FL 33781 opens Friday, January 17. (Photo credit: Jollibee)
First Jollibee Store in Florida, USA

Many people overseas, especially Filipinos, were more than happy after discovering that their favourite fast-food chain is near their area. With this ground breaking news, Reuters covered the announcement of Jollibee’s US and China expansions. This media relation is an important milestone for Jollibee having great media relations overseas covering their success.

Media relation is the relationship that an organisation develops with mass media to reach out to its publics.

Read the article written by journalists Neil Jerome Morales and Martin Petty by clicking the photo below.

Reuters, the website where this article was released, is an international news organization owned by Thomson Reuters. Reuters is a well-known publishing company that provides the latest news from worldwide, covering breaking news in businesses, politics, entertainment, technology, and many more. Having articles written by Reuters, Jollibee can ensure that their achievement and announcement will be read or heard by many people worldwide due to the impressive global reach of Reuters, with 1 billion readers each day trough different media platforms. Which also means that the release of these article concerns not only the supporters of Jollibee overseas but also the people who are new to Jollibee’s name.

Having public readers reading the article, they would then have the attention of a new fast food chain that is booming in the United States and would hopefully want to have a bite of that chicken. Especially now that they are expanding their franchise in the US and China, such as the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in California and Hong Zhuang Yuan congee restaurants chains in China. The article also covered stats regarding Jollibee that will add credibility to their statements.

Reuters Graphic

Whats makes this earned media special is that Reuters has been working with Jollibee and covering some of their stories for a long time. Having journalists worldwide allows them to find journalists who can resonate with the brand and create an exciting yet honest write up, with no delay in its release.

Overall, I know that media relation is the most crucial aspect in a company public relation. And without a doubt, this Reuter article adds credibility to the Jollibee’s reputation on being the best and successful company. Given the Reuter as an excellent platform, this PR object is effective for Jollibee’s Public Relations.


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