Fifth PR Object

The PRFU ( The Philippine Rugby Football Union) is an authorised organization by the World Rugby as the official governing body of rugby union in the Philippines. It includes the Philippine national men’s rugby team, the Volcanoes. Back in April 2017 The Philippine Rugby Football Union (PRFU) and Jollibee have signed a contract for a partnership where Jollibee would sponsor PRFU future events. It just makes sense that the two corporation that Filipino’s are proud of goes hand-in-hand and join forces.

This partnership is considered as a paid media under event participation. Partnership is a good way to build or maintain relationships, which is a unique offering by public relations.

With the partnership, it is in the agreement that Jollibee will be sponsoring the PRFU teams, the PRFU Leagues, and the PRFU Get Into Rugby (GIR) program. Being a game that is not popular among the media, the program is a World Rugby program that focuses on letting youths know what the game is about and getting youths “Try, Play and Stay” the sport.

Apart from being the prime sponsor of the teams, the agreement will ensure that the Jollibee brand will be included in the GIR program kit, the team will also participate in a Jollibee corporate event, Jollibee will be recognized as a sponsor through collateral exposure and announcements, and will be included in the website and digital assets.

This tactic is an ingenious way for Jollibee to boost its reputation in the Philippines. Knowing that they are supporting their fellow countrymen, there would be more support and respect from their customers. Hence, this paid media is a success in the long run due to the amount of exposure it will get during games by PRFU.


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