Fourth PR Object

Creating an influencer relationship between companies is a vital aspect, especially if you are in the F&B business. You would want influential opinion leaders who would set good word-of-mouth to their audience about how great your product is and how they should try as well. However, finding influencers that would promote your product is challenging, especially if your brand is not that popular, and the only way you can win them is through the price for their time. Therefore, Jollibee conducts paid social media advertisements that is posted by influential key opinion leaders promoting their products.

The picture above is a post by the former Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach. Being a Filipino, Pia Wurtzbach knows about Jollibee growing up and like me, or you also love Jollibee. For this particular post, she captioned it with

Its merienda time! So it’d dial #8-7000 for me since I’m craving this crispy & creamy two-na sarap, but couldn’t decide which one to get so I got both! LOL Swipe left to see the TVC and let me know if you like the original or spicy tuna more! #JollibeeTunaPie #TwoNaPia

– Pia Wurtzbach on her Instagram Caption

This call-to-action informs her followers to order from Jollibee through tThis call-to-action informs her followers to order from Jollibee through their hotline “#8-7000” and get the new Jollibee tuna pie both in original and spicy flavors. Winning Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach is well known all over the world. Her message will be spread across the globe, making her followers crave the product she is endorsing.

She also was featured in Jollibee’s commercial video promoting the same product she posted on her social media, which indicates that she is paid to promote her commercial with Jollibee and the newly released product.

Jollibee focuses on both Mega and Micro-influencers. Jollibee has also collaborated with small influencers in the Philippines who showed or expressed their love for Jollibee through their videos or posts on their social media.

Different Influencer photos reposted in Jollibee’s Instagram page.

Paid Media advertising has worked for Jollibee for a very long time and would continue doing so. It has been a successful way to influence customers to share what type of Jollibee meals they like, especially after knowing that there favourite influencers are the ones endorsing the brand.


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