Level 1

Behavioural Psychology

Based on send-up.com the goal of having a behavioural psychology in content marketing is to change the behaviour of a consumer in a way that it could benefit the business. Marketers tend to use set off skill to increase traffic, engagement, conversions, and other metrics. To achieve high indexes, as a marketer you need to try to change the content marketing strategy based on the different principles of behavioural psychology. Some of this principles were explained and categorised by the website Digitalpsychology.io

I compiled below some examples based on the categories given by the website that affects a customers behaviour. Check out their website for more examples.

Loss Aversion

Fear of missing out the show they are watching after the free trial have expired.


Showing low in stock creates an urgency for customers to make a purchase as soon as possible in the fear of possibly losing out.​


Showing recommendations to people that can influence them using the website more.


Receiving a $5 off is enough motivation for users to invite their friends.

Other websites also have shown the connection of marketing and behavioural psychology. Smartbugmedia.com talked about how content marketing strategy should be more like behavioural strategy. The website explains how behaviourists rely on different scientific methods to have a better understanding of consumer behaviour.

When they do this, they ensure that they follow the basics of a behavioural strategy, which help them to effectively change problem behaviours, by clearly defining the behaviour, observing it, completing an experiment and then reporting on the results.

The website then gave the following questionnaires that could help create a good marketing strategy which I think I could leverage for my group project with Asia Farm: Purple Tea:

  • Define the goal of your content marketing strategy. What do you want your audience to do? What should your content help you accomplish?

The goal for the content marketing strategy for Purple Tea Sg is to change the whole aesthetic of their Instagram page. By making a more interesting posts can help increase Instagram engagements for current and new followers. I hope that using this skills we can encourage people to purchase the Purple Tea drink.

  • Who is your audience? Knowing your audience or buyer persona will help you to create content you know will motivate.

Our target audience for this project is age 18 to 25 years old. As of persona, we are going to focus on consumers that purchase frequent in supermarkets or convenience stores.

  • As your content is out there growing your leads, make sure to observe performance.
  • Reporting on the results is important because it allows you to learn opportunities for the future. If one aspect of the campaign wasn’t particularly effective, you can change it up next time.

From the website I have learned that there are certain rules that we could follow to be able to achieve our marketing goals, and after watching the video below, it has helped me better understand digital psychology.

What I learned from this research is that there are many good strategy that will allow businesses to attract consumer, but what can make does strategy is to understand their pattern or behaviour. With that in my mind a business should shift their methods on how their consumers act, in hopes that they would be able to have a successful campaign.


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