Third PR Object

The picture above is an owned media done by Jollibee on their social media as part of their digital collateral. The post above shows that they have received support from their fans through liking and commenting on their post. It can be seen that many followers still admire Jollibee by their comments, saying that “Thank You Jollibee” & “I love You Jollibee.” However, there’s an imbalance proportion with the people who like the photo to their number of followers.

This Jollibee account is run in the Philippines and very Filipino centric with all the digital media that they produce. The photo was posted on Jollibee’s social media platforms amid a pandemic where all the Filipinos are currently at home due to the government’s lockdown, and this means that most fast-food chains, including Jollibee, won’t be able to serve customers through their stores but instead through a home-delivery. The post was titled ” Learn how we do No-Touch Delivery at Jollibee,” which is an excellent way to reassure customers that Jollibee is taking the matter seriously and adhering to the protocol by ensuring that everyone remains safe, from their workers to their customers.

JJollibee also releases other digital media that help solve the crisis issue caused by the unexpected pandemic.

Jollibee being able to produce these posts, is what most people are looking for in a company, especially now that there’s a pandemic. People need to feel safe whenever they order from their favorite stores. They would want to think that companies understand their needs and that companies are doing the best they can to be able to provide. Having posts like is a great way to also cause word-of-mouth as now people would want to help each other, and knowing Jollibee is keeping it safe, many people would want to order from them. Hence, creating images like this will ensure that Jollibee will still have customers ordering from them.


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