Level 3 (Left)


Internship is something that is necessary to go through especially now that I am in Year 3. Whilst looking for internship position in different companies in Singapore, I realised that most of their job description includes having the knowledge of SEO/SEM. And SEO/SEM is something that I am not confident in, I believe that there are still a lot of things that I do not know about with this certain set of skill. However, I have managed to obtain a certification for Google Ads Search which recognises my mastery of the fundamentals of building and customising effective Google Search Campaign.

What I have learned from this crash course is that many considerations go into the creation of company websites, paid advertisements on Google, email marketing, and many more. The primary key take away I had from this course is that keyword is the most crucial part of running an ad and increases the search engine optimisation of a business.

The reason why keywords so crucial in digital advertising is because the majority of people who search for products or services tend to use specific keyword phrases into the search box in Google. In digital marketing, keywords are what connects customers and businesses. It is the bridge between the two and having the right keywords are the determiner for a company that can get their desired results from their search engine optimisation campaign. This means that keywords are in the centre of a successful marketing campaign.

Aside from this, I have understood the need for the relevance of keywords to websites and Search Engine Marketing. In an era where internet marketing tools have created a more extensive space for business marketers to sell their products online. People rely on search engine results and keywords. Most people tend not to go far beyond the first page to look for a different option. If a customer is looking for a business, and the keywords they searched do not reflect on the business website, it is likely that the customers cannot find it. I watched the video below to better understand the importance of keyword search engine optimisation and how to choose the right keywords.

I am aware that knowing the importance of Keywords is not enough for me to say that I am proficient with Search Engine Optimisation nor with Search Engine Marketing. I am okay with that because it is why I would work harder to learn about SEO and practice it through the creation of this website. With this mindset, I have signed up for an online course with HubSpot Academy, which I believe will help me better understand the skills and practice it. I believe that having this set of skills will help me analyse company websites better and help them grow.

Upon signing up to the HubSpot Academy, I currently have completed 2 lessons about Search Engine Optimisation.

The lesson about “How to Find the SEO Strategy that Fits Your Business is the lesson that I am most interested about as it concerns ranking of a business content on a search engine like Google. So how does content rank in a search engine? Based on HubSpot Academy, there are two ways that you can rank:

  1. Build Discovery and Relevance by creating lots of high-quality content on the topics you want to be known for.
  2. Build Authority getting lots of high-quality links to your website.

The bold words are 3 steps how search engines rank a business content:

Discovery – Search engines starts by crawling, discovering web page and checking contents on different contents.

Relevance – They then check the relevance of the contents of a website or an ad by indexing ( this step is mostly based on keywords )

Authority – Lastly, search engines ranks through high-quality links or backlinks. Authority is like basically the number of sites or link in your website that you use as a reference that adds credibility.

Authority is the most important part of these steps, if a website does not have an authority there is no purpose for a high quality contents. Which means that having more authority in your website can result to a better ranking for yourself. Therefore, to have a better authority businesses have to make sure that they are creating a compelling, unique, high-quality content that people would naturally want to link to. Also, business should also make sure that they tell people about their content so that they can find and link it.

Overall, business does not need to worry to improve their SEO if there’s enough authorisation and should focus on the quality of their content. It is also important for business to find the balance that fits with their SEO needs. Mostly High Quality Contents = High Quality Backlinks. Therefore, to increase Purple Tea SG Social Engine Marketing creating a quality content would hopefully increase the page social traffic and engagements.


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