5P’s of A.I. – Planning

The first P of Marketing A.I. brings us to ‘Planning’. Planing helps marketers to build intelligent strategies. Such as determining goals, constructing a buyer persona, analysing existing online content for gaps and opportunities, building media, and influencer databases based on interests, audience, and intent.

Back in January 2019, Sennheiser selected Mullenlowe group to be in charge of its overall global marketing communication agency-of-record (AOR) for its consumer business. Sennheiser and Mullenlowe Group’s agreement includes the collaboration of global marketing strategies and creative development. Mullen Lowe Group has an objective of redefining Sennheiser’s approach to consumer marketing and bringing greater synergy to the company’s broad array of communications initiatives. Currently they are developing global consumer campaigns to help better promote new products, including Momentum True Wireless 2.

In my opinion finding a well trusted agency that is able to deliver beyond expectation is very important for the business, especially when building media that will create an awareness for the desired audience. However, the agency might be lacking on creating an influencer databases based on interest, audience, and intent. Which is a recommended used case by Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute that will help the requirements given by Sennheiser for my group project.

Collaborating with an agency is the best way to help ease up the tasks of the marketing department, but with high cost and lack some of the main focus Sennheiser is currently is interested in. An alternative solution could be relying on a A.I. software. One recommended A.I. software by Artificial Intelligence Institute is Pathmatics.com

What is Pathmatics?

Pathmatics is a cloud-based digital marketing intelligence and marketing analytics solution designed for agencies, brands, and publishers. The A.I. software features Pathmatics explorer intelligence platform, Pathmatics connect data feed and Pathmatics custom data solutions. The platform helps the user have easy access to data visualisation, ranking reports, summaries, maps, charts, tables, and export functionalities, which could help plan a campaign faster and efficiently.

Not only that, but the platform also offers the users creatives, sites, devices & formats, and trends. This trends include an analysis of the most current influencer that is either in demand or have positive feedbacks when they work with brands and how they present themselves to their audience. With the extensive analysis of the software it can deliver real-time actionable intelligence that will help foresee analytics upon working with influencers and how the audience will receive their campaigns or messages.

How can Sennheiser use this software in the planning stage?

Pathmatics offers various strategies that can bring insights and give tools to marketers needs. In this case, Pathmatics is able to help Sennheiser create a influencer database that their desired customers currently interested in, through the sets of data they have compiled over the years, which I may add always updated. They are able to leverage on the datas collected from the influencer and see if their audience, message and purpose, matches what the company are looking for. With this feature, it eases up the planning stage of Sennheiser due to the different strategies that the software is able to offer based on their collected data from their target customers. May it be creative strategies, targeting strategies, social media strategies, and device strategies. Sennheiser marketers are able to discuss some of the creative ideas and see which one best fits their overall objective. Which will then speed up the planning process and have time to focus more on other parts of the campaign, such creating contents.

Below are some of the examples of the strategies and tools Sennheiser can leverage on if they use Pathmatics.


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