5P’s of A.I. – Production

The second P of Marketing A.I. brings us to ‘Production’. Production helps marketers to create intelligent contents. Such as designing websites, landing pages and call to actions. Help predict content performance before deployment, and help analyse and edit content for grammar, sentiment, tone and style.

Sennheiser is, without a doubt, have a very aesthetically pleasing website, where they feature their new product launches and other new campaigns that they would want to introduce to their customers and new target audience. The site is fully equipped with pieces of information regarding different products, company press releases, company information, and upcoming events that can be easily navigated through different navigation menus or buttons. Each landing page of the website is concise to what the page is about and is relatively unique from one another but remains the same aesthetic.

However, younger audiences nowadays tend to skip the website and go straight to companies’ social media accounts to check the latest updates or product releases. For example, Sennheiser Singapore Instagram page currently has 2,967 followers on their Instagram page, which is impressive.

Looking at their contents, it still resembles Sennheiser aesthetics, from the graphics/videos/infographics and captions. But they do not receive many likes from their posts. Where some even have zero interactions with posts, such as comments from the target audience, which can be seen from the photos below.

Creating creatives, marketers tend to assume that it will always work, given that they have a considerable amount of followers and when they do not get much attention or achieve the overall performance that they aspired to have, it is very disheartening and worrying. Therefore, the use case that Marketing Intelligence Institute suggest is to find a AI software that will help predict content performance before deployment, which in this case Accrolinx.com is able to provide.

What is Accrolinx?

 Acrolinx is a content platform that takes care of the complete content optimisation process. Acrolinx typically brings the most value for organizations that are creating high-value content at scale. Accrolinx is currently being used by the all the major software companies in the world, as well as leaders in semiconductors, manufacturing and financial services. The 3 features that makes Acrolinx unique based on their Founder & CEO Andrew Bredenkamp is as follows:

  • Content Strategy made Actionable: Acrolinx is the only language platform that captures a companies content strategy, and makes it actionable. Taking all of the direct and nuanced aspects of your company’s use of language (formality, tone, terminology, personality) as well as the specific communication expectations of your target personas (education level, specialization), Acrolinx can then score your content against your strategy. The platform then provides a number of options to further align misaligned content. Strategy-aligned content has been proven to be more effective in meeting the top-level business objectives of customer acquisition and ongoing engagement, while eliminating legal and regulatory compliance issues.
  • Singular Enterprise Voice: Other solutions on the market allow individuals to write their content better. Acrolinx allows an enterprise to create tightly aligned content that helps the company is speaking with one voice. These two approaches are very different. 1000s of individuals writing clear content in their own styles doesn’t solve the enterprise problem of “too many writers with too many voices.” Only Acrolinx, through the consumption of the enterprise content strategy, ensures that all content represents the voice of the business.
  • Content Alignment At Scale: While other solutions provide tools that review individual documents, Acrolinx is the only platform that reads all enterprise content and measures it against one or many content strategies within the enterprise. Enterprises like IBM and VMWare are feeding hundreds of millions of words (184 million at VMWare, to be exact) through Acrolinx each year. No other language platform can come close to handling that volume of business-critical content.

How can Sennheiser use this software in the production stage?

I believe that Acrolinx does not only help ease out the work of marketers, but because of its unique feature of being able to ‘read’ contents, it can help improve future content through a unique scoring system that marketers can consider before posting. Sennheiser can also use the A.I. software to check the overall analytics of its contents, which can help with the production of content and captions through its message and tone. Soon enough, Sennheiser marketers will don’t have to worry about how the public will receive their contents because now they have Acrolinx that help analyse their posts and amend the changes needed with ease. Creating effective content to share with the public, which then leads to better attention and engagement on their social media pages.

To find out more on how Acrolinx can help Sennheiser future contents , watch the video below.



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