5P’s of A.I. – Promotion

The fourth P of Marketing A.I. brings us to ‘Promotion’. Promotion helps marketers to Manage intelligent cross-channel and cross-device promotions. Such as moderating comments at scale across social channels, pushing geo-targeted offers through mobile devices, scheduling social shares for optimal impressions and engagement, and lastly test headlines, landing pages, images and creative.

One of the most rewarding experience as a marketer is to see your campaign or project being shared across different social media platforms and receiving positive feedbacks about it. In todays digital age, we tend to gauge the success of a campaign based on how much likes it have gotten, how many times it has been shared or “reposted”, and the amount of comments we receive in a single post. Currently, Sennheiser have different social media platforms where they promote their product, campaign and general updates.

As seen from the photos above, Sennheiser is struggling to get likes or comments on their posts when promoting their products even though they have a high follower count. However, when they do get comments on their posts. Some are spam comments, where it talks about things that are not related to Sennheiser. An example of that comment can be seen below.

Based on my personal research, having comments like the one shown above can decrease the overall performance of a post because people will either be discouraged to post after that specific comment, and having that type of comment on social media will decrease its discoverability on users explore page. Aside from these types of comments, another bad comment that Sennheiser might receive in the future could be nonconstructive feedbacks that use foul languages as a way for them to express their thoughts or feelings.

Therefore, Sennheiser requires an A.I. software that will prevent coming across these scenarios, not only the comments on their social media page but as well as other social media platforms that mentions Sennheiser on their posts, such as Twitter. Hence, for preventive measures and to help keep their social media platform free from trolls, Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute recommends SmartModeration.com.

What is Smart Moderation?

Smart moderation is a moderation app that offers a complete protection of the brands different social media and website by detecting detecting illegal and inappropriate comments, spam, and trolls. To go more in depth, Smart Moderation promotes a cleaner, safer online experience by using AI-based comment moderating technology. The technology that Smart Moderation uses helps automates inappropriate comment moderation strategy across various digital platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube by detecting inappropriate or profane comments, spam, trolls, and bullying. It automatically removes these from the platform in real time, without requiring any human involvement, which means that the team can solely focus on promoting their campaigns.

The thing that makes smart moderation different as compared to other A.I. solutions is that the social networks that they use provide keyword blacklist features to meet users’ basic needs by helping them, for instance, remove specific words from their platforms. Smart Moderation based their A.I. architecture on machine learning and natural language processing that read the meaning and tone behind a massage rather than relying on static keyword blacklists. This provides a unique, unmatched service not previously offered by any other company. It operates all day, everyday, in real time with self-learning technology that can adapt and customize past actions and preferences to itself.

Below would be the steps on how comment moderation works on social media by Smart Moderation:


Smart Moderation takes only three short steps to set up: sign up with a Facebook account; connect to social networks; and add profiles. All of this takes less than a minute!


Smart Moderation always maintains the most up-to-date integration with social networks and runs 24/7 comment listening in real time.


Smart Moderation uses sophisticated natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to detect toxic comments.


Smart Moderation keeps working 24 hours a day as your comment moderation assistant for social media protection.


Unique to Smart Moderation is its machine learning based artificial intelligence that starts to understand what is inappropriate and what is not for you.

How can Sennheiser use this software in the promotion stage?

One of the Sennheiser project’s components is creating a post on social media and finding influencers or key opinion leaders that will help promote the campaign. How Smart Moderation can help in that aspect is that with the posts that will be created, Sennheiser can ensure a clean and proper engagement with their audience during the campaign period, which can affect the audience’s purchase decision. Aside from that, if ever the influencer or key opinion leader has something incorrect or goes against the campaign, Smart Moderation can help with the brand-damaging it has caused.

In addition, smart moderation not only keeps members safe from the social media crisis 24/7, but it can make marketers happy as they do not have to closely monitor every single platform that they use, which will save up to 80% of their time.


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