5P’s of A.I. – Performance

The fifth and final P of Marketing A.I. brings us to ‘Performance’. Performance helps marketers turn data into intelligence. Such as building a dynamic charts and graphs to visualise performance data, creating performance report narratives based on marketing data, monitoring and evaluating brand mentions from media influencers, and forecasting performance and writing a performance report.

Google Analytics Review | PCMag

Assuming that Sennheiser is like any other brands or companies in the industry, they will tend to rely on Google Analytics for their website or landing pages to see the performance of their online campaigns. Knowing how well the companies campaign’s performance is an important aspect will determine how companies should run their future campaigns. It will inform the planning team whether there are rooms for improvement or some strategies that need to be changed entirely.

Using Google Analytics alone for reporting and optimising purposes can be excellent and efficient for a team. However, there are some mistakes companies like Sennheiser are currently might be doing, and it is giving additional jobs for the department to do rather than minimising.

Firstly, Google Analytics does not have the capability of measuring the exact amount of e-commerce transactions that go on a website. Hence it will not be able to provide the right numbers in the back-end, which will give the team an extra job by double-checking the data before presenting it.

Secondly, Companies tend to be overconfident with the data that they received with Google Analytics. This is because the data Google Analytics provides merely gives the team an overall performance of their campaigns. Google Analytics will only show the number of foot traffic on your website or the number of people who opened the email campaign. Still, it will not inform the team about consumer behavior. For example, the data given by Google Analytics will not show whether the viewer read the whole landing page or exited immediately after seeing the headline. Lastly, creating promotional campaigns where the main objective is to create awareness on the social media platform, Google Analytics cannot evaluate or monitor the brand mentions from influencers and key opinion leaders. And evaluating and monitoring brand mentions is an essential aspect if a brand is looking for ideal influencers that can be a good prospect for future brand campaigns.

To solve these common problems Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute has recommended an A.I. software that can perform what most brands are looking for and bring them in greater heights when measuring the overall performance.

What its PAVEAI?

PaveAI Reviews 2020: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

PaveAI is a A.I. softwares that allows companies to integrate Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Twitter Ads. Their platform then uses an AI algorithm and various statistical classifiers based on a business’s marketing data to trace back all the data they currently need that will help them make a solid decision. The reports that the marketers receive from the software even provide segments for consumers or readers and their probability to become a lead or subscriber.

Many business have sampled many softwares that converts Google Analytics into modern English and displayed some excellent reports. And many have still messed with a ton of dash-boarding tools out ther, but none of them were providing clients an overview of what they needed nor providing them some valuable insights they needed to make adjustments. However, PaveAI does both!

How can Sennheiser use this software in the performance stage?

Sennheiser can leverage PAVEAI through an effortless onboarding and integration of the companies’ existing data with the help of PAVEAI engineers who will work with the Sennheiser marketing team directly. This effort is possible because the machine intelligence PAVEAI has that allows data-driven results. Aside from this, Sennheiser can customise the insights they want to see when working with the software. Sennheiser are able to monitor and evaluate their brand mentions with ease, and with brand mentions, they can garner first-hand feedback from the public.

Lastly, Sennheiser has an opportunity to plan their next campaign with ease due to the available strategic insights the software provides based on the analysed data, showing what methods or tactics are performing well and help give improvement suggestions to tactics that aren’t as successful.


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