Digital Collateral

For my third PR object, I have chosen to discuss the infographics that Jollibee has posted on their social media platforms amidst the pandemic. Like I have previously mentioned, I believe that posting on such matters gives their customers an assurance that the brand cares about them and would want to keep them safe as well. However, I have also mentioned the lack of engagement that the posts receive from their followers on Instagram. My objective for this new creation is to put in my perspective of what makes a more engaging and honest digital content while keeping the brand’s main message from the original post.

One significant thing that I have included in the digital content is adding an estimated waiting time for Jollibee’s food delivery when customers place their order. Even though, Jollibee hotline service informs consumers what is the estimated time when they order food, I believe that it is important to give an honest statistic to their customers.

Aside from the digital content, it is also important to match each post with an engaging caption that allows an interaction between the brand and the consumer. Where an engaging cation also allows the brand to better understand their consumer characteristics/attitudes/preference when they interact with them on the comment section. An ideal caption that could match the post that I have created is:

“Here’s a breakdown of how we are applying our No-Touch Delivery Protocol and how long each step takes us. Comment down below the things you do while waiting for your Jollibee favourites to be delivered.”

Overall, recreating this PR object is something that I have a problem with because I know that the post/content has merely any changes needed to it. However, I put myself in a consumer’s perspective, and I believe that as a consumer, that is something that I look for in a brand, which is a better interaction and connection with the brand. Besides this, I also put in my personal experience of waiting for my food to be delivered and sometimes wonder why doe sit take so long for my order to be delivered. And I am sure that I am not alone with this experience, and other people are also wondering about the same thing.


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