As I have previously mentioned, new tasks and approaches are being taken to do specific jobs, and as a marketing student, I have to ensure to pick up on those new skills and enhance my capabilities. Luckily the Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Institute has an available assessment that helps evaluate used cases and analyse what I would most likely prioritise on. With the results, it has allowed me to organise and visualise on the use cases that I would like to focus on for Sennheiser.

The Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Institute has created a framework called 5Ps, which helped categorised each use case. And in each use case scenarios, there are personalised recommendations that I could use when giving out personal opinions on how AI can help or improve Sennheiser’s strategies.

5P’s of A.I. for Marketing:

Step 1: Planning – Building intelligent strategies 

Step 2: Production – Creating intelligent content 

Step 3: Personalisation – Powering intelligent consumer experiences 

Step 4: Promotion – Managing intelligent cross-channel and cross device promotions 

Step 5: Performance – Turning data into intelligence 

5P’s of A.I. – Planning

The first P of Marketing A.I. brings us to ‘Planning’. Planing helps marketers to build intelligent strategies. Such as determining goals, constructing a buyer persona, analysing existing online content for gaps and opportunities, building media, and influencer databases based on interests, audience, and intent. Back in January 2019, Sennheiser selected Mullenlowe group to be in…

5P’s of A.I. – Production

The second P of Marketing A.I. brings us to ‘Production’. Production helps marketers to create intelligent contents. Such as designing websites, landing pages and call to actions. Help predict content performance before deployment, and help analyse and edit content for grammar, sentiment, tone and style. Sennheiser is, without a doubt, have a very aesthetically pleasing website, where…

5P’s of A.I. – Personalisation

The third P of Marketing A.I. brings us to ‘Personalisation.’ Personalisation helps marketers to power intelligent consumer experiences. Such as recommending highly targeted content, answering voice and text questions, optimising email send time at an individual recipient level, and most importantly, helping to personalise content, offers, and web experiences with images, text, and CTAs. As…

5P’s of A.I. – Promotion

The fourth P of Marketing A.I. brings us to ‘Promotion’. Promotion helps marketers to Manage intelligent cross-channel and cross-device promotions. Such as moderating comments at scale across social channels, pushing geo-targeted offers through mobile devices, scheduling social shares for optimal impressions and engagement, and lastly test headlines, landing pages, images and creative. One of the most…

5P’s of A.I. – Performance

The fifth and final P of Marketing A.I. brings us to ‘Performance’. Performance helps marketers turn data into intelligence. Such as building a dynamic charts and graphs to visualise performance data, creating performance report narratives based on marketing data, monitoring and evaluating brand mentions from media influencers, and forecasting performance and writing a performance report.…