For many years, marketing has evolved to keep up with the advancement of technology and how its users heavily depend on it. With the rapid development of new technologies or devices, marketers have adapted with the most changes in the way they execute their campaigns or the way they advertise their brands. The mass adoption of the internet into our everyday life is the single most significant event that has affected marketing over the past years.

As internet users increase, the platform for where marketers can reach their customers evolved. From email to search engines like Google to e-commerce like Amazon, Shoppee, or Lazada. It has never been more convenient for marketers. Fast forward to our present year, and social media is one of the biggest platforms for marketers to advertise and target a new audience. This evolution has allowed users to find information about the product or services they desire from their comfort. And with the help of Search Engine Optimization, it has helped marketers to reach out to their customers much faster.

While the internet has changed everything, and digital marketing has enabled marketers to create an easy platform to reach out to their target audience. There is still a need to analyse their campaigns. Marketers worldwide are working to optimise their marketing operations and effectiveness using the numerous data they have gathered. Most of these marketers are now using tools and platforms by machine learning and artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence software is now being used to analsze data and uses it to create insights about customer behaviours, opportunistic content, and emotional triggers to inspire conversions. To further explain A.I. in marketing, I have created an infographic to explain more on ways Artificial Intelligence is transforming Marketing and its core elements.

Upon taking a free course from AI Singapore, it has given me a better guide to understand AI and how I can leverage those AI software and apply it to marketing. One remarkable thing that reassured me as a marketing student is that “AI does not replace humans” Instead, AI will help enhance humans knowledge and expand our capabilities. It is as if, AI is our “Kryptonian” cells that will give marketers and brands superpowers. However, it might not replace humans, it will nonetheless affect the industry. This development or changes will create new ways to create tasks, making things faster, which will then cause a decrease in human effort. For the next page/posts, I would further explain on some steps or tasks where AI can help marketers with the use of 5Ps created by the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute.