Level 1

Behavioural Psychology

Based on send-up.com the goal of having a behavioural psychology in content marketing is to change the behaviour of a consumer in a way that it could benefit the business. Marketers tend to use set off skill to increase traffic, engagement, conversions, and other metrics. To achieve high indexes, as a marketer you need to try to change the content marketing strategy based on the different principles of behavioural psychology. Some of this principles were explained and categorised by the website Digitalpsychology.io

I compiled below some examples based on the categories given by the website that affects a customers behaviour. Check out their website for more examples.

Loss Aversion

Fear of missing out the show they are watching after the free trial have expired.


Showing low in stock creates an urgency for customers to make a purchase as soon as possible in the fear of possibly losing out.​


Showing recommendations to people that can influence them using the website more.


Receiving a $5 off is enough motivation for users to invite their friends.

Other websites also have shown the connection of marketing and behavioural psychology. Smartbugmedia.com talked about how content marketing strategy should be more like behavioural strategy. The website explains how behaviourists rely on different scientific methods to have a better understanding of consumer behaviour.

When they do this, they ensure that they follow the basics of a behavioural strategy, which help them to effectively change problem behaviours, by clearly defining the behaviour, observing it, completing an experiment and then reporting on the results.

The website then gave the following questionnaires that could help create a good marketing strategy which I think I could leverage for my group project with Asia Farm: Purple Tea:

  • Define the goal of your content marketing strategy. What do you want your audience to do? What should your content help you accomplish?

The goal for the content marketing strategy for Purple Tea Sg is to change the whole aesthetic of their Instagram page. By making a more interesting posts can help increase Instagram engagements for current and new followers. I hope that using this skills we can encourage people to purchase the Purple Tea drink.

  • Who is your audience? Knowing your audience or buyer persona will help you to create content you know will motivate.

Our target audience for this project is age 18 to 25 years old. As of persona, we are going to focus on consumers that purchase frequent in supermarkets or convenience stores.

  • As your content is out there growing your leads, make sure to observe performance.
  • Reporting on the results is important because it allows you to learn opportunities for the future. If one aspect of the campaign wasn’t particularly effective, you can change it up next time.

From the website I have learned that there are certain rules that we could follow to be able to achieve our marketing goals, and after watching the video below, it has helped me better understand digital psychology.

What I learned from this research is that there are many good strategy that will allow businesses to attract consumer, but what can make does strategy is to understand their pattern or behaviour. With that in my mind a business should shift their methods on how their consumers act, in hopes that they would be able to have a successful campaign.


Fifth PR Object

The PRFU ( The Philippine Rugby Football Union) is an authorised organization by the World Rugby as the official governing body of rugby union in the Philippines. It includes the Philippine national men’s rugby team, the Volcanoes. Back in April 2017 The Philippine Rugby Football Union (PRFU) and Jollibee have signed a contract for a partnership where Jollibee would sponsor PRFU future events. It just makes sense that the two corporation that Filipino’s are proud of goes hand-in-hand and join forces.

This partnership is considered as a paid media under event participation. Partnership is a good way to build or maintain relationships, which is a unique offering by public relations.

With the partnership, it is in the agreement that Jollibee will be sponsoring the PRFU teams, the PRFU Leagues, and the PRFU Get Into Rugby (GIR) program. Being a game that is not popular among the media, the program is a World Rugby program that focuses on letting youths know what the game is about and getting youths “Try, Play and Stay” the sport.

Apart from being the prime sponsor of the teams, the agreement will ensure that the Jollibee brand will be included in the GIR program kit, the team will also participate in a Jollibee corporate event, Jollibee will be recognized as a sponsor through collateral exposure and announcements, and will be included in the website and digital assets.

This tactic is an ingenious way for Jollibee to boost its reputation in the Philippines. Knowing that they are supporting their fellow countrymen, there would be more support and respect from their customers. Hence, this paid media is a success in the long run due to the amount of exposure it will get during games by PRFU.

Fourth PR Object

Creating an influencer relationship between companies is a vital aspect, especially if you are in the F&B business. You would want influential opinion leaders who would set good word-of-mouth to their audience about how great your product is and how they should try as well. However, finding influencers that would promote your product is challenging, especially if your brand is not that popular, and the only way you can win them is through the price for their time. Therefore, Jollibee conducts paid social media advertisements that is posted by influential key opinion leaders promoting their products.

The picture above is a post by the former Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach. Being a Filipino, Pia Wurtzbach knows about Jollibee growing up and like me, or you also love Jollibee. For this particular post, she captioned it with

Its merienda time! So it’d dial #8-7000 for me since I’m craving this crispy & creamy two-na sarap, but couldn’t decide which one to get so I got both! LOL Swipe left to see the TVC and let me know if you like the original or spicy tuna more! #JollibeeTunaPie #TwoNaPia

– Pia Wurtzbach on her Instagram Caption

This call-to-action informs her followers to order from Jollibee through tThis call-to-action informs her followers to order from Jollibee through their hotline “#8-7000” and get the new Jollibee tuna pie both in original and spicy flavors. Winning Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach is well known all over the world. Her message will be spread across the globe, making her followers crave the product she is endorsing.

She also was featured in Jollibee’s commercial video promoting the same product she posted on her social media, which indicates that she is paid to promote her commercial with Jollibee and the newly released product.

Jollibee focuses on both Mega and Micro-influencers. Jollibee has also collaborated with small influencers in the Philippines who showed or expressed their love for Jollibee through their videos or posts on their social media.

Different Influencer photos reposted in Jollibee’s Instagram page.

Paid Media advertising has worked for Jollibee for a very long time and would continue doing so. It has been a successful way to influence customers to share what type of Jollibee meals they like, especially after knowing that there favourite influencers are the ones endorsing the brand.

Third PR Object

The picture above is an owned media done by Jollibee on their social media as part of their digital collateral. The post above shows that they have received support from their fans through liking and commenting on their post. It can be seen that many followers still admire Jollibee by their comments, saying that “Thank You Jollibee” & “I love You Jollibee.” However, there’s an imbalance proportion with the people who like the photo to their number of followers.

This Jollibee account is run in the Philippines and very Filipino centric with all the digital media that they produce. The photo was posted on Jollibee’s social media platforms amid a pandemic where all the Filipinos are currently at home due to the government’s lockdown, and this means that most fast-food chains, including Jollibee, won’t be able to serve customers through their stores but instead through a home-delivery. The post was titled ” Learn how we do No-Touch Delivery at Jollibee,” which is an excellent way to reassure customers that Jollibee is taking the matter seriously and adhering to the protocol by ensuring that everyone remains safe, from their workers to their customers.

JJollibee also releases other digital media that help solve the crisis issue caused by the unexpected pandemic.

Jollibee being able to produce these posts, is what most people are looking for in a company, especially now that there’s a pandemic. People need to feel safe whenever they order from their favorite stores. They would want to think that companies understand their needs and that companies are doing the best they can to be able to provide. Having posts like is a great way to also cause word-of-mouth as now people would want to help each other, and knowing Jollibee is keeping it safe, many people would want to order from them. Hence, creating images like this will ensure that Jollibee will still have customers ordering from them.

Second PR Object

Jollibee Pinellas Park located at 4057 Park Boulevard North, Pinellas Park, FL 33781 opens Friday, January 17. (Photo credit: Jollibee)
First Jollibee Store in Florida, USA

Many people overseas, especially Filipinos, were more than happy after discovering that their favourite fast-food chain is near their area. With this ground breaking news, Reuters covered the announcement of Jollibee’s US and China expansions. This media relation is an important milestone for Jollibee having great media relations overseas covering their success.

Media relation is the relationship that an organisation develops with mass media to reach out to its publics.

Read the article written by journalists Neil Jerome Morales and Martin Petty by clicking the photo below.

Reuters, the website where this article was released, is an international news organization owned by Thomson Reuters. Reuters is a well-known publishing company that provides the latest news from worldwide, covering breaking news in businesses, politics, entertainment, technology, and many more. Having articles written by Reuters, Jollibee can ensure that their achievement and announcement will be read or heard by many people worldwide due to the impressive global reach of Reuters, with 1 billion readers each day trough different media platforms. Which also means that the release of these article concerns not only the supporters of Jollibee overseas but also the people who are new to Jollibee’s name.

Having public readers reading the article, they would then have the attention of a new fast food chain that is booming in the United States and would hopefully want to have a bite of that chicken. Especially now that they are expanding their franchise in the US and China, such as the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in California and Hong Zhuang Yuan congee restaurants chains in China. The article also covered stats regarding Jollibee that will add credibility to their statements.

Reuters Graphic

Whats makes this earned media special is that Reuters has been working with Jollibee and covering some of their stories for a long time. Having journalists worldwide allows them to find journalists who can resonate with the brand and create an exciting yet honest write up, with no delay in its release.

Overall, I know that media relation is the most crucial aspect in a company public relation. And without a doubt, this Reuter article adds credibility to the Jollibee’s reputation on being the best and successful company. Given the Reuter as an excellent platform, this PR object is effective for Jollibee’s Public Relations.

First PR object

Stories by Jollibee a Valentine’s Series 2017

#KwentongJollibee (#StoriesByJollibee) is a campaign that became popular not only in The Philippines but in the whole world. This video series focuses on different types of people who express different kinds of love to show the spirit of Valentine’s Day with Jollibee’s message “Celebrate the Joy of Love.”

The video above is under Paid Media in the PESO model and considered as a Digital Video Advertisement. This video advertisement was released in February 2017 to commemorate Valentine’s day and was posted all around different social media platforms. Currently, the video has 2,353,108 views on YouTube alone and has more than 20 thousand likes. It has also created many YouTube reactions by different influencers in the platform. The video below would be one of the many reactions to this video.

The video revolves around the two strangers who met in line when ordering at a Jollibee fast-food chain. They then develop a friendly relationship that lasted for a very long time. But what is the reason for this video? The reason is that Jollibee wants to create a secure and deep connection with their loyal fans. Jollibee intends to emphasize the fact that they have been a part for many people for many years and they created long life stories with their customers. With the #KwentongJollibee (#StoriesByJollibee) they want their customers to start sharing their unforgettable Jollibee experience and post it online.

Overall, I would say that the campaign was a success due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback it got from the viewers, knowing that Filipinos likes a good story telling. More people in other countries found out about Jollibee through this viral video series, which expanded Jollibee’s target market overseas. Furthermore, the video above had a continuation within the same year titled “Perfect Pair,” which promotes a Jollibee set meal.

Lecture 4: Media Relations

From my own understanding, media relations is a relationship that companies try to create with the mass media to convey or hope to reach out to its publics because media relations are the backbone for PR, and good relationships will likely attract positive views news coverage. Which, in my opinion, is very accurate. Journalists or influencers tend to be negatively biased against companies that do not connect with them or connect with them badly.

One interesting media story that caught my attention during this pandemic involves a product being sold by a church group, The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. The Church group was issued with 12 infringement notices that totals to $151,200 for selling and promoting bleach as a cure for Covid-19. For years, the church has been selling the industrial bleach as a Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS), claiming that it can cure different types of illness, autism, acne, cancer, diabetes, and now Covid-19. The MMS product was being sold on the website of the Australian Chapter of the Church as a “Water Purification Drops.”

The media story blew up due to the fact word got out on social media, which caught the attention of some of the public about what the ingredient in the product is. The Therapeutic Good Administration (TGA) spokesperson, the media that there would be a cease and desist letter has been sent out to the MMS Australia, which requires an immediate cease of advertising for the product.

My key takeaway from this lecture is that having stories that capture the audience’s attention is crucial, especially now that it is easier to send different media across. As well as, Journalists tend to based on various news values to find out what useful articles they would want to write. These characteristics include Impact, Timeliness, Prominence, Proximity, Novelty, Conflict, and Currency. All these characteristics make most news stories worth reading or watching, which, in my opinion, will help more teens or young adults be aware of what is happening around them.

Lecture 3: Public Relation Planning

Cut paper inscription public relations on a red background, surrounded by other inscriptions on a dark background. word cloud concept. Premium Photo

Being part of the Marketing Interest Group, I was exposed to planning different types of events that helped share what it is like taking up Marketing as my chosen diploma. From discussing concepts on how to execute given deliverables to facilitating the whole event. However, I have never heard or applied the ROSTIR model before. To be completely honest, if someone mentions ROSTIR model, I would think it would be a type of food. But after going through the lecture, it has dawned to me that it is a useful model that could help ease the planning of different events, especially PR events.

The ROSTIR model is a complete process of strategic planning, which includes Research, Objectives, Strategies, Tactics, Implementation, and lastly, Reporting & Evaluation. These steps guide most companies in achieving their Public Relations Strategies, a process that has concise steps that allow for proper planning and effective implementation. 

From this lecture, I was also introduced the PESO tactic, which is under the implementation step of the ROSTIR model. The PESO model stands for Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned media. PESO model helps understand considerations of timing, budget, messaging, and content creation for a wide variety of tactics. With this model, companies can elaborate on a tangible aspect of their strategy and find a specific channel to use. HOWEVER, having a successful PESO tactic can only work if it works together to support the objectives and strategies.

Overall, this topic was overwhelming in a good way. I managed to understand how ROSTIR model and PESO model work together in creating a successful campaign. I will say the ROSTIR model is what successful campaigns use as a blueprint to research, ideate, plan, and execute. Moving forward, I hope that I can leverage what I have learned from this lesson to my group work and my internship.

Lecture 2: Public Opinion

Tuesday Smillie: Aesthetic Strategies in Protest - Cornell

Public opinion is one of the most important aspects of PR based on my understanding and what I have learned from this lecture because it is what the public believe, or think is correct from their point of view. I also know that one of the most significant factors that can influence a company’s success is public opinion. That’s why many companies focus on customer satisfaction and facilitate surveys to see what the public’s response to their campaign or the brand is. 

As a person who has a strong opinion, I tend to get affected by my opinion when purchasing from a specific brand. For example, I feel that Abercrombie is a very superficial brand that only focuses on how to sell to good-looking people. Regardless of the quality of the clothes, what matters to me is the value of the company. Furthermore, in my opinion, all clothing shops should be inclusive regardless of different shapes and sizes. 

Many companies have the same issues as Abercrombie, bad reputation, wrong and inappropriate campaign messaging. However, some companies can rise above the issue and manage to resolve or regain their reputation with a PR Campaign. An example would be Tide, where Teenagers started eating Tide Pods and filming it as part of the Tide Pod Challenge. The event was so unexpected that they do not know how to tell everyone that it is a ridiculous idea. However, they handle the case gracefully as one can expect. They address the issue on twitter by tweeting only these two photos.

Click Image The Image To Play The Video

Aside from this, they also focused on getting the warnings out on via earned media to make sure everybody receives the message. They also focused on getting the posted videos deleted or removed from different social media platforms. In an official statement they said:

“Nothing is more important to us than the safety of people who use our products. We are deeply concerned about conversations related to intentional and improper use of liquid laundry packs and have been working with leading social media networks to remove harmful content that is not consistent with their policies.”

Lecture 1: Introduction to PR

What is Public Relations? The Definition of PR in 100 Words or Less

My initial impression of what Public Relation is that it is all about talking, it’s about making sure that the company has the right image or reputation in the public eye. However, after going through the first lecture, I was utterly mind-blown because I know so little about Public Relations. I like to put it this way. PR is on the other side of a door, and I am standing far from that door. Now, PR, for me, is a large void of knowledge and skill that I feel is essential to have, especially now with the pandemic. From the first lecture, I found out about the difference between Marketing Vs. Public Relations. Based on my understanding, marketing is a way to promote products or services to gain sales and Profits. Public relations, on the other hand, promotes an entire organization, evoking an overall positive reputation and creating a much better environment for the company to work in.

However, I did not stop there and find out more about Public Relations online, which gave some extra facts and knowledge about PR.

From research, I was also able to identify some leading PR agencies like Digital Marketing Agency TrustCorp, which helps improve a company’s media platforms by boosting traffic and provides keywords with low difficulty scores. Another agency I have looked into is Porter Novelli. Porter Novelli is one of the world’s leading Public Relations agency. Porter Novelli’s heritage main focus is motivating people to change deeply ingrained behaviors that are rooted in cultural and social norms, which they achieved by identifying and activating against crucial insights that drive transformational change.