Digital Collateral

For my third PR object, I have chosen to discuss the infographics that Jollibee has posted on their social media platforms amidst the pandemic. Like I have previously mentioned, I believe that posting on such matters gives their customers an assurance that the brand cares about them and would want to keep them safe as well. However, I have also mentioned the lack of engagement that the posts receive from their followers on Instagram. My objective for this new creation is to put in my perspective of what makes a more engaging and honest digital content while keeping the brand’s main message from the original post.

One significant thing that I have included in the digital content is adding an estimated waiting time for Jollibee’s food delivery when customers place their order. Even though, Jollibee hotline service informs consumers what is the estimated time when they order food, I believe that it is important to give an honest statistic to their customers.

Aside from the digital content, it is also important to match each post with an engaging caption that allows an interaction between the brand and the consumer. Where an engaging cation also allows the brand to better understand their consumer characteristics/attitudes/preference when they interact with them on the comment section. An ideal caption that could match the post that I have created is:

“Here’s a breakdown of how we are applying our No-Touch Delivery Protocol and how long each step takes us. Comment down below the things you do while waiting for your Jollibee favourites to be delivered.”

Overall, recreating this PR object is something that I have a problem with because I know that the post/content has merely any changes needed to it. However, I put myself in a consumer’s perspective, and I believe that as a consumer, that is something that I look for in a brand, which is a better interaction and connection with the brand. Besides this, I also put in my personal experience of waiting for my food to be delivered and sometimes wonder why doe sit take so long for my order to be delivered. And I am sure that I am not alone with this experience, and other people are also wondering about the same thing.


Media Relations

Jollibee Pinellas Park located at 4057 Park Boulevard North, Pinellas Park, FL 33781 opens Friday, January 17. (Photo credit: Jollibee)

For my second PR object, I have talked about how Jollibee announced the expansion of its stores in the US and China. This announcement was covered by the news website Reuters have been covering updates for the fast-food chain for a long time because of the great media relation that both organizations share. Regardless of the amount of publicity Jollibee has received from the media, it is still an important factor for Jollibee to create a unique experience for journalists and create more media relations for different news websites.

For this PR object, I have chosen to create a new media relation tactic on how the announcement of Jollibee’s store expansion attracts or captures the attention of journalists. Media relation, as I have mentioned in the previous page, is the relationship that organisations develops with the mass media to reach out to its public. An effective media relation tactic is a crucial strategy that will help journalists write their articles, where they wrote based on their impression of the organization message or story they are trying to convey through the announcement (Specifically US).

Jollibee's Manhattan Opening Was Packed With Devoted Fans in Long ...
Taken from the grand opening of Jollibee in Manhattan

To give journalists a more newsworthy article or experience to write about, I have thought of creating a press party that will then unveil the announcement of Jollibee’s store expansions across the U.S. Given that Jollibee is a fast-food company, a press party is very suitable as press parties usually involve food. Jollibee is able to showcase their delicious food to their invitees and create an excellent first impression, which then gives a more first-hand experience for a journalist to write on.

This PR invitation will be sent out to different journalists regarding the event. The invitation includes the date of the event and a brief write up of the activities. The invitation will be included in the PR kit alongside the journalist badge, and Jollibee merchandise that will celebrate Jollibee’s expansion in the U.S. Creating a personalised PR kit will give an impression to the journalists that they are important to the brand and that the brand cares about them. It is also an excellent way to provide merchandise to show that journalists are part of the team.

Top 3 Journalists from different news/blog/media channels that are potential invitees for the press party:

1. Ethan Johns

Ethan Johns is a journalist from Food Network whose work mostly focuses on giving reviews on current Fast Food trends and also updates on what’s new in the fast-food industry.

2. Jelisa Castrodale

Jelisa Castrodale is a journalist for both Vice News and Food&Wine who previously have written an article about Jollibee’s expansion in the U.S.

3. Kate Krader

Kate Krader is a food editor at Bloomberg who writes about food economics, updates, and trends in today’s society.

In my opinion, the journalists that I have listed out are just a few of the greatest food journalists out there that Jollibee can have a media relation with. Them being invited to the event can create a significant impact with the announcement of Jollibee’s store expansion in the U.S. because of the large number of readers the articles can reach. This is an important factor as most of their readers most likely have a higher possibility that they do not have a clue what Jollibee is, therefore it will be a good exposure for the brand. I am aware that these journalists come from large companies, but then again, Jollibee has created good media relations with other companies as large as theirs. Therefore I see no problem inviting them into the press party and creating more media relations.

Fifth PR Object

The PRFU ( The Philippine Rugby Football Union) is an authorised organization by the World Rugby as the official governing body of rugby union in the Philippines. It includes the Philippine national men’s rugby team, the Volcanoes. Back in April 2017 The Philippine Rugby Football Union (PRFU) and Jollibee have signed a contract for a partnership where Jollibee would sponsor PRFU future events. It just makes sense that the two corporation that Filipino’s are proud of goes hand-in-hand and join forces.

This partnership is considered as a paid media under event participation. Partnership is a good way to build or maintain relationships, which is a unique offering by public relations.

With the partnership, it is in the agreement that Jollibee will be sponsoring the PRFU teams, the PRFU Leagues, and the PRFU Get Into Rugby (GIR) program. Being a game that is not popular among the media, the program is a World Rugby program that focuses on letting youths know what the game is about and getting youths “Try, Play and Stay” the sport.

Apart from being the prime sponsor of the teams, the agreement will ensure that the Jollibee brand will be included in the GIR program kit, the team will also participate in a Jollibee corporate event, Jollibee will be recognized as a sponsor through collateral exposure and announcements, and will be included in the website and digital assets.

This tactic is an ingenious way for Jollibee to boost its reputation in the Philippines. Knowing that they are supporting their fellow countrymen, there would be more support and respect from their customers. Hence, this paid media is a success in the long run due to the amount of exposure it will get during games by PRFU.

Fourth PR Object

Creating an influencer relationship between companies is a vital aspect, especially if you are in the F&B business. You would want influential opinion leaders who would set good word-of-mouth to their audience about how great your product is and how they should try as well. However, finding influencers that would promote your product is challenging, especially if your brand is not that popular, and the only way you can win them is through the price for their time. Therefore, Jollibee conducts paid social media advertisements that is posted by influential key opinion leaders promoting their products.

The picture above is a post by the former Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach. Being a Filipino, Pia Wurtzbach knows about Jollibee growing up and like me, or you also love Jollibee. For this particular post, she captioned it with

Its merienda time! So it’d dial #8-7000 for me since I’m craving this crispy & creamy two-na sarap, but couldn’t decide which one to get so I got both! LOL Swipe left to see the TVC and let me know if you like the original or spicy tuna more! #JollibeeTunaPie #TwoNaPia

– Pia Wurtzbach on her Instagram Caption

This call-to-action informs her followers to order from Jollibee through tThis call-to-action informs her followers to order from Jollibee through their hotline “#8-7000” and get the new Jollibee tuna pie both in original and spicy flavors. Winning Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach is well known all over the world. Her message will be spread across the globe, making her followers crave the product she is endorsing.

She also was featured in Jollibee’s commercial video promoting the same product she posted on her social media, which indicates that she is paid to promote her commercial with Jollibee and the newly released product.

Jollibee focuses on both Mega and Micro-influencers. Jollibee has also collaborated with small influencers in the Philippines who showed or expressed their love for Jollibee through their videos or posts on their social media.

Different Influencer photos reposted in Jollibee’s Instagram page.

Paid Media advertising has worked for Jollibee for a very long time and would continue doing so. It has been a successful way to influence customers to share what type of Jollibee meals they like, especially after knowing that there favourite influencers are the ones endorsing the brand.

Third PR Object

The picture above is an owned media done by Jollibee on their social media as part of their digital collateral. The post above shows that they have received support from their fans through liking and commenting on their post. It can be seen that many followers still admire Jollibee by their comments, saying that “Thank You Jollibee” & “I love You Jollibee.” However, there’s an imbalance proportion with the people who like the photo to their number of followers.

This Jollibee account is run in the Philippines and very Filipino centric with all the digital media that they produce. The photo was posted on Jollibee’s social media platforms amid a pandemic where all the Filipinos are currently at home due to the government’s lockdown, and this means that most fast-food chains, including Jollibee, won’t be able to serve customers through their stores but instead through a home-delivery. The post was titled ” Learn how we do No-Touch Delivery at Jollibee,” which is an excellent way to reassure customers that Jollibee is taking the matter seriously and adhering to the protocol by ensuring that everyone remains safe, from their workers to their customers.

JJollibee also releases other digital media that help solve the crisis issue caused by the unexpected pandemic.

Jollibee being able to produce these posts, is what most people are looking for in a company, especially now that there’s a pandemic. People need to feel safe whenever they order from their favorite stores. They would want to think that companies understand their needs and that companies are doing the best they can to be able to provide. Having posts like is a great way to also cause word-of-mouth as now people would want to help each other, and knowing Jollibee is keeping it safe, many people would want to order from them. Hence, creating images like this will ensure that Jollibee will still have customers ordering from them.

Second PR Object

Jollibee Pinellas Park located at 4057 Park Boulevard North, Pinellas Park, FL 33781 opens Friday, January 17. (Photo credit: Jollibee)
First Jollibee Store in Florida, USA

Many people overseas, especially Filipinos, were more than happy after discovering that their favourite fast-food chain is near their area. With this ground breaking news, Reuters covered the announcement of Jollibee’s US and China expansions. This media relation is an important milestone for Jollibee having great media relations overseas covering their success.

Media relation is the relationship that an organisation develops with mass media to reach out to its publics.

Read the article written by journalists Neil Jerome Morales and Martin Petty by clicking the photo below.

Reuters, the website where this article was released, is an international news organization owned by Thomson Reuters. Reuters is a well-known publishing company that provides the latest news from worldwide, covering breaking news in businesses, politics, entertainment, technology, and many more. Having articles written by Reuters, Jollibee can ensure that their achievement and announcement will be read or heard by many people worldwide due to the impressive global reach of Reuters, with 1 billion readers each day trough different media platforms. Which also means that the release of these article concerns not only the supporters of Jollibee overseas but also the people who are new to Jollibee’s name.

Having public readers reading the article, they would then have the attention of a new fast food chain that is booming in the United States and would hopefully want to have a bite of that chicken. Especially now that they are expanding their franchise in the US and China, such as the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in California and Hong Zhuang Yuan congee restaurants chains in China. The article also covered stats regarding Jollibee that will add credibility to their statements.

Reuters Graphic

Whats makes this earned media special is that Reuters has been working with Jollibee and covering some of their stories for a long time. Having journalists worldwide allows them to find journalists who can resonate with the brand and create an exciting yet honest write up, with no delay in its release.

Overall, I know that media relation is the most crucial aspect in a company public relation. And without a doubt, this Reuter article adds credibility to the Jollibee’s reputation on being the best and successful company. Given the Reuter as an excellent platform, this PR object is effective for Jollibee’s Public Relations.

First PR object

Stories by Jollibee a Valentine’s Series 2017

#KwentongJollibee (#StoriesByJollibee) is a campaign that became popular not only in The Philippines but in the whole world. This video series focuses on different types of people who express different kinds of love to show the spirit of Valentine’s Day with Jollibee’s message “Celebrate the Joy of Love.”

The video above is under Paid Media in the PESO model and considered as a Digital Video Advertisement. This video advertisement was released in February 2017 to commemorate Valentine’s day and was posted all around different social media platforms. Currently, the video has 2,353,108 views on YouTube alone and has more than 20 thousand likes. It has also created many YouTube reactions by different influencers in the platform. The video below would be one of the many reactions to this video.

The video revolves around the two strangers who met in line when ordering at a Jollibee fast-food chain. They then develop a friendly relationship that lasted for a very long time. But what is the reason for this video? The reason is that Jollibee wants to create a secure and deep connection with their loyal fans. Jollibee intends to emphasize the fact that they have been a part for many people for many years and they created long life stories with their customers. With the #KwentongJollibee (#StoriesByJollibee) they want their customers to start sharing their unforgettable Jollibee experience and post it online.

Overall, I would say that the campaign was a success due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback it got from the viewers, knowing that Filipinos likes a good story telling. More people in other countries found out about Jollibee through this viral video series, which expanded Jollibee’s target market overseas. Furthermore, the video above had a continuation within the same year titled “Perfect Pair,” which promotes a Jollibee set meal.