Jollibee Foods to tap debt market for P17.2-B capex - ESDC

From the previous page, I have listed out some of the PR objects that Jollibee has done so far that I find interesting, unique, or effective for the brand. I am aware that I do not have the proper evidence or statistics of how effective the PR object is. However, regardless of how well received it was by the audience, I am aware of the fact that there are still some room for improvements for each PR object.

My main objective for the recreating Jollibee’s PR object is to make it more engaging, exciting, and to capture more attention from the public. For each creation, I would be applying some of my key takeaways from PR tutorials and lectures that I think would relate to my chosen PR objects that I would want to recreate.

Created PR objects:

Media Relations

For my second PR object, I have talked about how Jollibee announced the expansion of its stores in the US and China. This announcement was covered by the news website Reuters have been covering updates for the fast-food chain for a long time because of the great media relation that both organizations share. Regardless of…

Digital Collateral

For my third PR object, I have chosen to discuss the infographics that Jollibee has posted on their social media platforms amidst the pandemic. Like I have previously mentioned, I believe that posting on such matters gives their customers an assurance that the brand cares about them and would want to keep them safe as…