Previous works

Welcome to My Work Portfolio

This page is where I would be sharing some of my deliverables for different projects from my previous internship and campaigns for various client projects in school. To see some of the videos I have filmed and edited, do check out my youtube page.

Xplorers Event Pte Ltd Internship

One of the deliverables in my internship with Xplorers is to create four campaign videos to boost the awareness and conversion of the app and its social media page. The app is relatively new. Hence, it was a difficult challenge to think of ways to encourage youths these days to download the app. The use of youths in the videos undoubtedly helped the app resonate with the youths more, gaining 200 views per video, given that the Instagram page only has less than 100 followers.

PUB Splash Lab

Part of the PUB Splash Lab competition is to create a social media campaign that would help increase awareness and encourage young adults on how they can save up water. The deliverables for this project are to create an aesthetically pleasing page and interactive images that will capture youths’ attention (Sustainability Marketing). Aside from the creation of posts, I also conceptualised and edited a video that serves as an advertisement that relates to our campaign titles ‘Making Love Last.’ One of the challenges that I believe we managed to overcome in the project is spreading the message of saving water without making it generic and boring.

Seoul Garden HotPot

Seoul Garden HotPot is one of my school client projects, where my group was chosen to present our ideas to one of the company’s marketing heads. The purpose of the presentation is to present ideas on how the company is able to create a better customer relationship and improve the overall branding of the business through understanding consumer behaviour and analysing data analytics. Part of our deliverables is creating a promotional deal for Seoul Garden HotPot, where I crafted the poster for the promotional deal and created a mock-up of the user interface of their online menu.


With the launch of the MyClarins product in Singapore, the project client asked us to create a campaign on how we could promote the brand to young adults in Singapore. This project includes research on the target audience and creating a problem statement on what’s hindering young adults from trying new skincare products. One of my deliverables in this project is creating a consultation booth mockup that we want to execute for the launch of MyClarins latest products.

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