T-shaped Skills

The T-shaped Marketer - T Shaped Marketer 2019 Clipart (1500x604), Png Download


The T-shaped marketer is a metaphor used to describe a person’s skill and knowledge in 1 or 2 specific areas. The vertical bar represents depth in particular fields. On the other hand, the horizontal bar represents the ability to execute and collaborate in areas of different expertise.

Learning lifelong skills is a vital aspect that many people tend to neglect because of time, age, or other personal reasons. They do not realize that having a good set of skills will benefit them in the future. And as with much of what we do, this would not be static. Every year set of skills required for growth changes. Below would be a video, done by the company Growth Tribe, where they highlight some of the most useful skills as a marketer to be able to succeed in 2018.

In this page, I have included blog posts where I talk about my new found skills that I am interested in or would want to improve on. I believe that learning something new is easier said than done, especially when life gets in the way! So join me on this journey of self-improvement I am willing to take.

Level 1

Based on send-up.com the goal of having a behavioural psychology in content marketing is to change the behaviour of a consumer in a way that it could benefit the business. Marketers tend to use set off skill to increase traffic, engagement, conversions, and other metrics. To achieve high indexes, as a marketer you need to try…

Level 2

Branding and Storytelling is a skill that I am familiar with, and enhancing my knowledge with this skill is an essential aspect for me to promote better a company I am going to work with or even promote my brand hopefully in the near future. The reason why I would like to focus on this…

Level 3 (Left)

Internship is something that is necessary to go through especially now that I am in Year 3. Whilst looking for internship position in different companies in Singapore, I realised that most of their job description includes having the knowledge of SEO/SEM. And SEO/SEM is something that I am not confident in, I believe that there…

Level 4 (Right)

Everyday we will always stumble across one post on our social media pages that has a lot of views or reactions. May it be a funny post that involves someone being laughed at, a video where it gets people talking because of a persons misconduct or even a fake news that involves a celebrity. The…